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Why our customers keep returning

Our specialty is nature-inspired skin care body products, which have been designed to help our customers achieve the best results. We are intentional when formulating each of our products. They are gluten-free and made with organic, rich, plant-based oils/butters. Also, they do not contain any artificial or harmful ingredients (e.g., parabens). That’s why they are perfect for all skin types, including dry and itchy, sensitive, and normal.

At Embellish Skin Care our level of social responsibility is indicated by our PETA certification; we also provide our customers with vegan, eco-friendly products that have never been tested on animals. Lastly, our packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

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"The Rose Whipped Body Polish is truly amazing! My skin has never felt smoother, and this really worked wonders for my eczema. I have extremely sensitive, dry skin, and this body polish stopped all flaking I had in my neck region." - K. Khoja

"This polish is amazing!!!! My daughter used it after the winter weather for her eczema! I noticed that after she used it, her skin became extremely smooth. I noticed how quick acting the polish is on her skin! -C. Ameyaw 

"... I recommend this product to everyone. It is a good product to use for a variety a skin related issues or just to add to a pre-existing skin care routine. Excellent product!" - S. Divine

"I’m shocked at how well these products alleviate my itchy skin!! After getting out the shower my skin is so smooth and moisturized!" - K. Sessoms

" I bought some at Lavish Showcase ... so soothing and effective. We need more. My husband loves it."  - M. Smith

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