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Elevate your skincare routine with our nature-inspired body care products

Embellish Skin Care, LLC is a natural skin and body care company based in Frisco, TX. Our company is privately owned and operated by its founder, Courtney D. Hill


Embellish Skin Care was born out of Courtney's passion for creating natural body care solutions for her loved ones. Her journey began with a traditional sugar scrub that didn't yield the desired results, leading her to research the potential harm of seemingly natural ingredients. This inspired her to create handcrafted, plant-based products that prioritize consistent results and promote a deep appreciation for one's skin. 

About Embellish Skin Care

Meet the team behind Embellish Skin Care, a skin care product manufacturer that believes that natural ingredients can transform skin care routines. Our mission is to create nature-inspired body care products that promote unwavering self-esteem. We carefully select natural ingredients to create products that nourish your skin and help you feel confident in your own skin. Our goal is to make Embellish Skin Care a trusted brand for those looking for natural and effective body care products.

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