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Embellish Skin Care is a natural skin care company that was officially founded and organized by Courtney Hill in Frisco, Texas in 2017.  We specialize in formulating nature-inspired products, which have been designed to help our clients achieve powerful results. All active ingredients have been carefully researched and selected to help you gain the best results when targeting skin issues such as appearance, skin integrity, hydration, and texture.


The concept of Embellish Skin Care originated from a simple hobby of making sugar scrubs for family members. Needless to say, the first sugar scrub was not successful because there wasn't extensive research completed up front. This failure fueled curiosity to understand how "something so natural could potentially be harmful".


In turn, I began to craft a new formulas with the intention of creating a natural skin solutions that did more benefit than harm. Over time, I perfected my craft and improved the formulas based on new research and feedback from family members. My belief, along with research, led to my official passion to offer the same great skin care to others who desire the outstanding benefits.


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