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Body Lotion Vs Body Cream: What Is The Difference?

When it comes to moisturizing the body, we all know it's a no-brainer--grab the nearest lotion or cream. However, while both options are ample solutions to moisturize the skin, they are not created equal. If you're aiming for supple body skin, it is important to know which is the right emollient for you—body lotion or body cream?

Without delay, we'll dive right into the differences.

Body Cream And Body Lotion

Body lotions are lightweight moisturizers with low-viscosity formulas. This means lotions often contain high water content and very little oil, allowing them to quickly absorb into the skin and to help improve hydration.

Body creams, on the other hand, are thick high-viscosity moisturizers. They contain higher amounts of oils and low water content. This allows them to create a barrier that prevents water loss from the skin, while ensuring longer-lasting hydration.

The fundamental difference is that lotions are lightweight and contain more water, whereas creams are thicker and contain more oil—essentially determining how much moisture each provides to the skin. So, how do you determine which to use and when?

When Should You Use Body Lotion?

Body lotions are best suited to hot summer months when you may want to avoid excess sweat and oil. Lotion is perfect as a nighttime moisturizer since it is not so heavy and absorbs very quickly into the skin. Those with oily skin may also prefer to use lotion to avoid greasy looking skin.

When Should You Use Body Cream?

The best time to use body cream is during winter and fall months when the air is dry and the skin tends to feel rough and is a bit dried out. The thick consistency of the cream will help to lock hydration into your skin to help prevent or alleviate this problem.

If your skin is constantly dry, then body cream may need to be in your everyday rotation, no matter the season. Our rich Lavender Moisturizing Body Cream is definitely a weapon you need to have in your arsenal if you're looking to seal in hydration and receive the benefits of nourishing oils.

Which Is Better, Body lotion Or Body cream?

Neither is inherently better. It all depends on your skin’s needs. If you're looking for a light moisturizer, lotion is the way to go. However, if desire to lock in hydration, you may prefer a cream. It also depends on your skin type.


Overall, body creams and lotions are certainly essential to maintaining soft, moisturized skin. The bottom line is that both are fairly different in terms of how they perform. Based on our recommendations, it may benefit you to re-evaluate which is best for you given the season and/or your skin type. Stay moisturized!

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