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3 Things You Should Know About Body Polishes

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Many people today prefer plant-based beauty and skin care products. Clean beauty involves utilizing only wholesome and pure ingredients found in nature. An important component of any skin care and beauty regimen is a customized body polish designed to be gently massaged all over the body. After use, body polishes should be thoroughly rinsed off; it would be ideal to apply a good natural body moisturizer to seal in hydration.

3 things about body polishes you should know:

1. A Body Polish Provides Gentle Exfoliation & Moisture to Skin

Body polishes were used by women in the ancient world to thoroughly moisturize and gently buff or polish skin until it looked and felt lustrous and refreshed. A body polish effectively deeply moisturizes and leaves skin feeling silky soft and rejuvenated afterwards.

2. Luxurious Body Polishes Can Be Part of a Plant-Based Skin Care Regimen

There is an exciting movement among beauty enthusiasts to revisit plant-based skin care options. These consumers typically find soothing skin care ingredients that are organic and in their purest form.

Consider ingredients such as calming aloe or moisturizing shea butter, skin energizing mint leaves, and skin exfoliating sugar or coffee grounds--these can be infused with natural essential oils that help soothe the soul as the body polish is being massaged into the skin.

3. Natural Skin Care Should Include Clean Beauty Body Polishes

Once only sought by individuals with extra-sensitive skin types, today natural skin care product use has expanded to consumers with all skin types. Tired of expensive skin care items that promise big results but almost never deliver, consumers today are turning back to homemade or clean and natural beauty related products. Unlike before, body polishes now provide natural skin care benefits for every skin type.

First-time body polish users should begin with just once a week exfoliation. Ensure that the polish is gentle by testing in a small inconspicuous area on the body. Check for rashes, irritations and other adverse reactions.


Just about everyone could benefit from a transforming body polish similar to the one we offer at Embellish Skin Care. The polish provides exfoliation, delicately rubbing off dull-looking, flaky, surface skin cells, making for a smart addition to your regular natural skin care beauty routine.

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