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What Should Your Expectations Be When Using Clean Beauty Products?

More consumers today are committed to living greener and environmentally conscious lifestyles. There also continues to be an increasing trend among consumers to embrace clean sourced beauty and personal care products, which are made from naturally sourced and healthier pure ingredients. Additionally, these beauty products are free of dangerous toxins and better for the planet.

Here are some things to expect when using Embellish Skin Care clean beauty products.

Better Overall Skin Condition That Looks & Feels Amazing

Not all products are made equal. Therefore, we at Embellish understand the importance of using a combination of organic and natural plant-based ingredients; unaltered plants naturally have higher amounts of nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals needed for remarkably healthy flourishing skin. Consequently, our clients experience better overall skin condition that looks and feels amazing.

Less Skin Irritation & Gorgeous Results that Last

Some products contain toxic chemicals and harsh additives that can be extremely irritating when they come into contact with your skin. Harsh additives include, but are not limited to, dyes and heavy artificial fragrances, which can induce headaches due to the overpowering scents.

Embellish skin products do not contain any harmful and/or artificial ingredients but are formulated with rich plant-based oils designed for gorgeous results that last. In addition, our products are delicately scented.

Feel Great About Using Cruelty-Free and Earth-Friendly Products

When consumers discover what is exactly in many skin care and beauty products these days, they are often shocked to learn that they contain common toxins that include parabens, skin drying alcohol, and sulfates—many of which have been tested on vulnerable animals, causing horrifying harm.

The very foundation of Embellish, however, was built by creating solutions that are healthy for the skin. Our products are free from parabens, skin drying alcohols, sulfates, and mineral oil. We are proud to say that our products have never been nor will be tested on animals.


Today is the day to switch to Clean Beauty skin care products. Try the product line at Embellish and expect simply stunning results that last.

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