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Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Updated: May 26, 2021

CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone, sounds like some chemical made up in a lab; however, it naturally occurs in our bodies and plays a critical role in the energy production of every cell in our body.

Here’s why CoQ10 is so important for youthful-looking skin:

A biomarker of aging that combats free radicals

A biomarker, or medical sign that we are aging is a decrease in our levels of CoQ10. Consequently, the skin becomes more prone to damage and susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. However, using skin care products that are formulated with CoQ10 can help to counteract decreasing CoQ10 levels.

Reduced levels of CoQ10 contribute to intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors. Intrinsic aging is the inevitable process that naturally occurs, whereas extrinsic aging is caused by external factors, including air pollution, poor nutrition, and excessive sun exposure.

But CoQ10 can combat free radicals. It acts as an exceptional antioxidant, that when used in cosmetics, effectively penetrates the skin, increases circulation, and reduces premature aging. Not only does CoQ10 efficiently increase energy production, but it also protects against free radicals that cause premature aging.

A vital player in skin repair and regeneration

The skin, our largest organ, plays a critical role in acting as a protective barrier against microbes that could be harmful to our bodies. To continue to serve its purpose, the skin must repair and regenerate itself, which is noted to happen approximately every 27 days. However, factors such as dehydration, inflammation, and poor collagen and elastin production can slow the rate of this process.

Luckily, there are also ways to promote skin repair and regeneration. The easiest of them includes proper hydration and implementing an anti-inflammatory diet. Another way is to integrate CoQ10. It supports the skin repair and regeneration process by boosting collagen and elastin production, while also helping to maintain skin elasticity.

A source of energy linked to a radiant even tone skin

Skin care products with CoQ10 boost the skin to repair and regenerate itself. As a result, your skin’s complexion will be both radiant and rejuvenated, contributing to energetic skin cells and healthy-looking skin. Here is another benefit: Skin care products containing CoQ10 can help prevent hyperpigmentation—an excess production of melanin (a natural skin pigment)—by blocking tyrosinase production, an enzyme involved in melanin production.


CoQ10 is that superhero that fights on your skin’s behalf. It effectively energizes skin cells to promote collagen and elastin production, which are needed not only to repair and regenerate radiant looking skin but also to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. But most importantly, CoQ10 plays a critical role in supporting the skin’s overall purpose—acting as a protective barrier to the body.

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